An Interior Motion is a site-specific piece for the De Appel showroom in Amsterdam and its activated by a performance. It reproduces architectural elements of the space on a 1:1 scale and invites the public to interact with the pieces. Each object within the room functions as part of a score that sets guidelines on how to activate them as you walk through the space, gradually reshaping the exhibition.
The room used to be the auditorium of a hypermodern school building design by Dutch architect Ben Ingwersen in 1969. Since then, the social, economic, and cultural reality surrounding this building has changed considerably, and therefore its own function as well. After a period of being a shelter for asylum seekers to The Netherlands, it then became what it is now: a cultural hub, within a highly contested area of Amsterdam, which finds itself in an increasingly accelerated state of gentrification. The exterior of the building, while having aged as well, has remained largely intact. Its interior, however, reveals the notable changes to its programme.

By juxtaposing the architectural narratives of the building’s monumental interior with human movement, the possible social realities of its past and present open up opportunities to reinterpret the space and its multiple meanings.

photos: Nicola Baratto

Installation view. An interior motion, De Appel. Amsterdam - NL. 2022. photo: Alejandra Monteverde

Installation view. An interior motion, SCORE. 2022

photo: Alejandra Monteverde