acrylic, metal, wood, objects, 2014
186 x 134 x 37 cm

On a display cabinet four intervened objects trace an axis of symmetry accomplish trough a subtraction and reorganization of one of its elements. Four conceptual symmetries based on equivalence, complementary, opposition and inversion deal with the ways we organize space, time, social behavior and art.

The first element is formed by a pile of 12 tailor tape measures, all rolled up and stacked one on top of the other. Each one of the rulers has been cut following a numeric progression of 12 cm, meaning that the one at the bottom of the stack got 12 cm removed, 24 cm the second one, 36 cm the third one, and so forth. Thus, the resulting pile resembles a cone. All the removed fragments are cut again as individual centimeters and reorganized on a plane, sorted by number, to form a perfect rectangle. By delimiting fragments on the plane with the same number, a geometrical pattern emerges. This pattern is printed on a transparent surface.

All the sand in an hourglass has been extracted and placed on the plates of a balance, in a way that both sides of the scale weigh the same and stay suspended in equilibrium.

All the words “sin” in a Bible had been cut off and placed making a heap next to it, literally forming a pile of “all the sins in the Bible”.

A cube whose sides measure 12 cm, formed by 6 squares cut off the glass display where the piece sits, in a fashion that the container becomes part of the piece.