62 postcards, acrylic, metal, 2015

This project was commissioned for the exhibition “El Público” at "Centro Garcia Lorca" in Granada, Spain. After collecting 31 postcards sent from Granada as souvenirs, the addresses of the places these postcards where sent to were tracked down. A picture of each one of these addresses was taken and then turned into postcards. These new postcards were sent back to Granada, to the address of the image that appeared on the original postcard. Both sets of postcards were presented in metal panels, each one linked to its respective pair using lines that proportionally depicted the distance between the two portrayed cities.

Carrera del Darro / Granada (1925) - Plaza Letamendi 36 - Barcelona (2015)

Plaza Bib-Rambla / Granada (1961) - Glorieta de Quevedo 6 - Madrid (2015)

Carrera del Darro / Granada (1966) - Calle Real 13 - Toledo (2015)